Tuesday, December 20, 2005

FUNtastic Websites

For The Very Young Ones:

The Noddy site is extra full with goodies. There are a number of sections that cover a wide range of activities, including games, print outs, information on different characters and even a section for grown ups where Noddy stuff is on sale.

The section covering Noddy's friends contains information about and pictures of Tessie Bear, Mr Plod and Sly, amongst others. For every character you also get to print an activity sheet and the option to put his or her pictue as a wallpaper on your desktop.

One of my favourite sections was Play and Learn. In it you can find a number of games that not only are fun to play but which also help you to learn about maths, spelling and colours.

To go to the Noddy website click

For The Not-So-Very-Young-Ones:

The www.show.me.uk is fabulous. The site is packed with games, resources and activities that cover a whole range of topics. You can find stuff about history, geography, science, art and many more topics. The clever thing about this site is that it acts as a portal to other websites maintained and produced by the 24-Hour Museum. The 24-Hour Museum is a gateway to the UK's museums, galleries and heritage sites.

I particularly liked the History Hunt game I accessed through the Vikings' section. Jasmine and Jamie travel through time to unravel mysteries and solve puzzles. It's a fun game and helps you to learn lots of interesting stuff as well.

To visit the site, click HERE.

For The Eldest Ones:

The website of the British Library is an awesome piece of work. In it you can look up a whole lot of information about all the books that have been published in the UK and are housed in the library. On top of this, there are a number of facilities that make the site informative and pleasant to browse at the same time.

For instance, it contains a digitised version of two copies of the famous Gutenberg Bible, the very first book ever to be published. It is known as the Gutenberg Bible because Jose Gutenberg was the person who invented the printing press and he chose the Bible as his first printing venture. Thanks to the British LIbrary's digitisation project, everybody who has access to the internet can take a look at the stupendous and meticulous work that went into publishing this book.

To access the British Library website, click HERE.