Friday, May 13, 2016

World Book Week 2016 - Adrian Grima

Poet and academic Dr Adrian Grima visited San Anton School to speak to the Grade 11 students.

Dr Grima delivered a talk about the literary essay in Maltese. He spoke about the best way to approach a given text and what to look out for when asked to write a critical appraisal. Dr Grima spoke at length about form and content, both of which are essential to understanding a given text.

Finally, Dr Grima stressed the importance of having an engaging introduction and a satisfying conclusion, two things that, at MATSEC level, are extremely important.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

World Book Week 2016 - Holly Webb

Popular children's author Holly Webb visited San Anton School and met with the Grade 4 students.

The children were very excited at the prospect of meeting Ms Webb because many of them were already familiar with her books. Her tales involving animals are among the most sought after books.

Most of Ms Webb's oeuvre, which consists of more than a hundred books, revolves around tales of animals faced with seemingly unsurmountable odds. Animals, and pets in particular, feature a lot in Ms Webb's books. Besides being gripping and entertaining, her books also strive to foster a sense of duty and responsibility towards animals. In fact, some of Ms Webb's stories are inspired by her own pets, or stories that she comes across on the news.

The children loved every second of Ms Webb's visit especially since, during the book signing session, they could speak to her some more and ask her questions.

Visit Holly Webb's site HERE.