Monday, May 05, 2008

In The Name Of Science

As dawn crawls quietly across the morning sky

The hounds pretend to sleep; silent they lie.

They know that when the door will let in rays of light

The one that will be taken won’t live another night.

When sudden brightness comes and overwhelms the room,

It brings with it the shadow of one unlucky hound’s doom.

They choose at random; any animal will do.

The one that is chosen has eyes of brightest blue.

Men take him to a place where surfaces gleam bright.

The hound struggles and thrashes with all his might.

Then he feels the needle; it’s way too sharp and cold

And he’s engulfed in blackness, far too vast and bold.

And those who’ll finish like him yowl in despair,

Because their grief and sadness is too much to bear.

Their howls cleave the silence, but the world pays no heed.

For people only care about what people need.

Over the hound which for the sake of science died,

No soul, no person, no one has ever cried.

Giulia 9.3