Thursday, May 10, 2018

World Book Week 2018 - Claudia Gauci

Author and poet Claudia Gauci popped over to San Anton school to meet with the Grade 5 students.

Her latest book, Magni taż-Żmien, is about the relationship between a boy and his grandpa. The age difference between the two is more pronounced because of technology. Grandpa has no idea how to use a computer whereas most of the 'machines' that he used in his youth are unknown to his nephew. However, despite the generation gap (or two!), grandpa and his nephew share a bond that bridges whatever differences they might have.

Ms Gauci read the story to the students and they enjoyed it so much that they were very keen to share their own grandparents' stories, and stories about 'old' machines.

At the end of the session, they had their books signed. It was a great visit!

Monday, May 07, 2018

World Book Week 2018 - Sandra Hili Vassallo

Sandra Hili Vassallo, author of the Imeldina series, visited the Grade 4 students as part of World Book Week activities.

In her latest adventure, Imeldina u l-uċuħ, our eponymous hero has to deal with a number of horrible looking corbels on her way to school. Some have sculptures of leaves adorning them but others are in the shape of scary mythological creatures which give Imeldina nightmares.

Ms Hili Vassallo read the story to a mesmerised Grade 4 audience. She also spoke to them about corbels, an architectural feature that is quite common in Malta.  A corbel is a structural piece of stone (it can be made out of wood or metal too) that juts from a wall to support balconies. Sometimes, as in Imeldina's story, these corbels are carved or sculpted in a myriad of ways. There are those inspired by botanical shapes whereas others, the scary ones, would be in the likeness of demons or mythological beasts. The latter are supposed to discourage evil spirits from entering the building thus safeguarding the owners.

The Grade 4s loved every minute of this session and were over the moon when, after the session, Ms Hili Vassallo signed their copies of Imeldina.