Friday, November 16, 2007

The Mysterious Dog

There is a dark alley close to our house. It is haunted by our dog.

Last year Emerald died. Emerald was our pet dog. We called him Emerald because of his emerald-like eyes. When he died we buried him in the garden and put a tombstone reading R.I.P. Emerald did not rest in peace - he came back in peace!!!

This time his dark black fur had disappeared but it had turned bright emerald green!!! I was shocked. My eyeballs felt like popping right out of their sockets with amazement!! But even though he was a ghost I still played fetch with him.

My neighbours were left with their mouths open. I do not blame them. Have you ever seen a boy with a ghost dog?

After two weeks he disappeared. We could not find him anywhere. Then I thought of the alley we used to walk through when he was alive. When I went there he jumped on me and licked my face.

I started visiting Emerald every day. You must know the saying 'A dog is a man's best friend'!!!


Thursday, November 15, 2007

My Tear Drop

My tear drop
Is going down my face
Down my cheeks
And past my lips

My tear drop
Is going down memory lane
When I first heard your name
When we first fell in love

My tear drop
Is on the tip of my chin
About to tumble
About to die

My tear drop is fallin
I'm calling your name
I'm losing everything about you
Even your smiling face

My tear drop has died
It crashed to the ground
Scattered into a million crystals
As I frown

I guess it will never be
Just you and me
You are lost
My tear drop is gone


Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I love doing tricks and combos on my custom-made BMX. I spend a lot of time practicing the barspin, and I wish I could do the tailwhip or a 360. I like Mike Spinner a lot because he is awesome on a bike and he manages to do incredible stunts.

My favourite trick is the frontflip tailwhip which was only landed twice last August, by the second best biker Scotty Cranmer. He is considered to be a machine because he can do practically anything and he is merely 21 years old. He is definitely my favourite rider cause he amazes me so much at what he does.

The worst fall I've seen was a crash on a double backflip on the trails. The biker who crashed was Stephen Murray, a sensational dirt rider who is truly a guy to watch.

The best trick I've learnt until now was a 180 fakie. The worst fall I've ever had was trying out a new gap. The trick I want to learn at the moment is a 360.


Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Dark Angels and the Emperor

Dark Angels are like any other Space Marines. They fight for the Emperor against chaos. Chaos are twisted marines who are being controlled by the Evil Emperor. There was once an epic fight between the Emperor and his son (who is in fact the Evil Emperor) and it was told that hundreds of thousands of years ago the Emperor's son walked away from the palace and got lost in the Forbidden Land. And after a while chaos corrupted his mind and when he went back to the palace the Evil Emperor and his father had a fight and the Evil Emperor the Emperor's heart and slashed down to the hip. (That's where two hearts come in handy.)


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Literacy Programme Presentation

Yet another activity in the library. This time round, Ms Carmen Muscat delivered a talk about San Anton's Junior literacy programme, what it involves and how it is implemented by the staff. The presentation was intended for Grade 1 parents, of which there was a very encouraging turnout. Judging by their response and feedback after the session, the exercise was a success.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Members of ACTS visited the school and spent a very interesting hour and a half with the Grade 12 students. There was music, videos, games and, most importantly, much to think about.

A considerable chunk of the session was taken by the video presentation, which was powerful and to the point. ACTS tackled issues that are part and parcel of every adolescent's life but which, due to rampant media exploitation, might easily be misunderstood. Self-worth, peer pressure, drug abuse, intimacy, one's perception of his/her body image - these are topics that constantly challenge us and it is of utmost importance to have the right attitude to deal with them.

The overall message was staggeringly simple: when confronted with choice, one must apply a spiritual context to it, otherwise it becomes empty and meaningless.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Welcome Back!!!

New look, new year and new stuff going on!

The blog, as you must have noticed, has changed look. The various colourful shapes that characterised the previous layout have now made way for a more relaxing blue. Relaxing, but no less fun. The blog will still house rambunctious ramblings about events happening in the library. The first of which was...


... the Grade 8s meeting.

Activities in the library started earlier than usual as the newly promoted students of Grade 8 were rounded up for an orientation day. This took place one day before the rest of the students commenced the scholastic year. The idea behind this orientation day was to familiarise the students with the Senior School grounds prior to the hullaballo that obviously accompanies the beginning of the year.

The students were gathered in the library where they were addressed by Ms Vicki, the Head of School, and Mr Joe, the Assistant Head for the Senior Sector. Eventually they were assigned to their respective class and accompanied on a tour of the premises by the class teacher.


As for the other stuff... you just keep on watching this space!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A Way To Freedom

To be liberated
To be emancipated
To get away
To find a way

To be freed
We're all in need
Of freedom some day
We'll find a way

To be free to leave
Not one of us is a thief
We will not stay
We'll find a way

This dream we've got
We will not let it rot
Come what may
We will find a way

To be let out
And be able to shout
"We're free today!"
We will find a way


Friday, May 18, 2007


Splashing, slopping, lashing, swishing, sweeping,
gushing, whistling, crashing, bashing;
the watery depths - swallowing,
and the angels - weeping.

Continuously, for months, the water plumes,
indulging in its gleaming wet world.
The day is cold as the night, and just as dark and dreary
and the lightning curls, flickers piercing,
and the wind and rain are never weary.

On and on, this deluge seems to be without refrain
the land drunk, lifeless and cold in the February rain,
and the gale beats a rhythm upon the window panes
and viciously rips the catkins off the poplar trees
as an entire nation waits for the sun...

Yes, there is such a longing that blossoms for the mellow breeze!
Trapped inside, all day children huddle in corners, praying
and peering woefully at the storm outside:

The storm which twists and coils and clutches at the shrieking panes
and brings seas of wan white mist to enfold the land,
swirling slowly as they feign a tender embrace...

The same storm which leaves the few, pitiful vultures,
those too feeble to fly away,
harping mournfully as they look upon the drunken land
and see reflections of only desruction in the rippling puddles,
puddles like a looking glass,
where everything seems upside down as the black clouds overhead pass...

Aye, 'tis the self same storm which savages and ravages the helpless trees
and brings the sick leaves reeling down in throngs
pained shreds of the tattered, tumbling skies that,
like a dream,
seem to be falling into the skyline...

The Lord Thunder roars a solo in clashes of angry voices
and the Lady Wind shrieks back a chorus -
treble, tenor and bass.
It is a wild call, wailing heart-break in its song
as the stage, once thriving, turns desolate.

Then comes a queer, silent hushing...
The chill wind becomes languid as though in pain,
and the silver, liquid drops slow to a whispering lullaby.

Frantically they search for someone to hear their story,
their first and last secret before they hit the ground -
like precious pearls that, from heaven, fall amid squalor -
Listen. Listen Hear their tales of fleeing clouds, storm-bruised and frightened...

Disbelieving, a crowd seems to magically appear,
heads upturned as all ages surge out over the saturated fields.
Kneeling in the sodden loam, arms raised to the sky,
the beaten people hail the first, glorious sunbeams, mouths open,
tasting heaven on the little rainbows that peek shyly from the clear, blue sky.


My Shadow

The black shadows came over me
They controlled my mind and soul
My body is being covered by the shadow
Whilst the light of the angels die out
Hell is winning
And heaven is losing
Let my life turn into hell
And bring me darkness
My loving heart
Lost in the dark
Hoping to see the light again
God backs out and turns away
My hatred is too powerful and strong
Satan tries to win me over
But he is killed by me
The universe goes black
I am lost in eternal darkness
Walking alone
There is no speck of light
Just a black dark shadow with no feelings
Behind my back
Haunting me forever...


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Down a hole

into the Dark,
into obscurity.
I can't see,
I can't touch,
I can't hear,
I'm gone...
I'm Down...
I'm away...
The wind lashes
my face like a whip.
The wall compresses me...
I can't breathe
I'm plunging deeper, and
I feel as though I'm on
a rollercoaster
Will it stop?
Will it end?
One wild Rollercoaster!


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Secret Room

One day Jack went to his Grandma who lived in a cottage in a forest. It was sweltering hot because the sun was high up in the sky. Jack was very keen on chess and always carried a chessboard with him. He especially liked to play with his Grandma.

After walking for what seemed to be 3 hours, he finally arrived to his Grandma's house. She was not at home and he jumped at the opportunity to go to the secret room.

Grandma had this secret room and told Jack never ever to go in there. Jack was curious and crept slowly to the door of the secret room. He opened the door. The door creaked. He saw a huge bookshelf and an armchair which was stained.

Jack walked slowly down the broken steps and sat down on the stained armchair. After a small while he got up and looked around him. He saw a black cat but when he tried to pick it up, it jumped and ran away.

Jack walked to the big bookshelf and chose a book. The book was called Zack The Genius. Jack started reading the book.

Then Jack's Grandma returned home from the shop. Jack quickly put the book back on the shelf and sprinted upstairs. He opened his book and started doing his homework. And Grandma never found out that he had gone inside the secret room.


Monday, March 26, 2007


I sat all alone, while watching
In an almost complete darkness
The feeble, faint, flickering flames
Casting shadows. Oh! Wahat sharpness!

The fire was almost dying,
When a gust of wind, whirled around
The flames, leapt like a fierce snake
Attacking whatever was found

Just like some people fire can change.
From warm, gentle and colourful
To something terrible, savage
Destructive, dangerous, hurtful...


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Space Marines

Space Marines are super human empires that are trying to fight for the sake of the earth. There are many armies they must fight in order to do so but with the help of others they will come out victorious. Some of the dark armys are: Ork, Dark Eldar, Tyranids and Chaos Space Marines. All of these armies have one goal: to rule the world and enslave humanity. So the Space Marines have to make sure this does not happen. Some of the Space Marines' strongest machines are the Land Raider and the Land Raider Crusader. Another strong vehicle is the Dreadnought which can be used for far and close range attacks. All this will help the Space Marines to achieve victory. The Space Marines can be very weak if they do not use their special units like the Librarian or the Commander or even the Chaplain. These are all really strong units especially the Librarian who has psychic powers. The army that is always trying to cleanse the earth from Space Marines is Da Boyz. These are orks. They are somewhat weak but at the same time can be really dangerous. Da Boyz will find any piece of metal and use it as armour. These are no match for the mighty Space Marines. What Space Marines really find hard to defeat are the Chaos Space Marines. These are possessed marines that have fallen to the dark forces of chaos. But as is always the case, good triumphs over evil. Unless you have a very small army.

Written by Pascal and Dylan - Grade 9

Friday, January 26, 2007

What I will do for a friend

I will take the pain
I will take the blood
I will take your heart
And mend it all up.

I will take your tears
I will take your mind,
I will make you happy
And hope you smile

I don’t care what happens to me
I do care what happens to you
No matter what
I’m always here for you

I will go through pain
I will go through tears
All I want is for you to smile
And see that glimmer of happiness in your eye!


Locked up inside

So many feelings locked inside
So many feelings which I hide
I can’t let them out
I can’t let them be

Beating myself up
I cry
Kicks and punches
Are tormenting me inside

So many pains
Which I can’t let go
So many pains
Which will hurt me even more

All this anger
All this depression
Locked inside of me
Waiting for my confession

No where to go
No where to let out
My death will be my feelings
Just waiting to come out…



They stab you in your back

They take your mind and soul

They want all the gossip

That’s what there for

They want you to trust them

You say you’re not sure

But at the end of the day

You trust them even more

You tell them your life

You tell them your soul

You give away your heart

And they know it all

They throw your life

They throw your soul

They rip your heart

And leave you there all alone

You are lost in your own words

Crying what’s left of their trust

Until there is nothing left

You are just all washed up…


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Book Review

Anne Frank’s Diary

This book is about a girl named Anne Frank who one day during the War decided to go to a place and start writing her diary. Anne Frank was born in Frankfurt in 1929 and died in Bergen-Belsen in 1945. When she was only sixteen years old she went to a Concentration Camp where Anne Frank died. After a few years her father published her diary and now it is famous.

I like this book a lot as it is interesting. I won’t say anything to the people who told me to read the book as it is fabulous and beautiful.