Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Innocent - Book Review

Since I really like to read and it's one of my favourite hobbies, I'd like to write about a book which I really enjoyed.

Last month I read a book called Innocent written by Anne Cassidy. This book is really interesting. I had never read any books by Anne Cassidy before so I didn't really know what this book was about exactly. However I decided to read it because my classmate had suggested it. Before she gave it to me, she told me a bit about it, and I got really interested.

This book is about a family - a brother (Brad), a sister (Charlie) and their dad but there wasn't a mum. Their dad was trying to take care of them both. But one day the police came to their house and they took Brad to the police station. They were asking him questions about a crash that happened but he didn't know anything about it. Charlie was trying to help him but he didn't want and so she knew that he was innocent. She also knew who was the guy to blame - it was her brother's best friend, Denny, with whom she used to go out.

If you've never read the book, I suggest you do!

Thank you!


A Note Of Madness - Book Review

A Note Of Madness tells the story of Flynn, a talented young pianist who is reading for a degree at the Royal College of Music. One of his lecturers recommends him for a prestigious concert, which for Flynn would be the opportunity of a lifetime. He is eventually chosen but this means that there are hectic weeks ahead of him. Together with his mentor, Flynn opts for Rachmaninoff's 3rd concerto, one of the most difficult pieces ever written for piano. Therefore he has to cope with strenuous rehearsals, besides his coursework.

At first he is doing just fine, but before long, pressure starts mounting and Flynn finds it increasingly difficult to manage. He becomes hyperactive, moving from one thing to the next without ever pausing. These manic moments are intercut by episodes of extreme depression where he starts feeling that he is not good enough and will not be able to play properly. Flynn's mood swings drive Harry, his flatmate, nuts, and even his friend Jennah starts worrying about Flynn's lifestyle.

Tabitha Suzuma's book deals with manic depression. This is a condition where a person would be feeling on top of the world one moment, and very depressed the other. It is a good book that despite being derivative, tackles the issue of mental health in a very sensitive and humane manner. Recommended for readers 14+