Friday, January 28, 2011

Free Books!

Thanks to AGENDA's Books for Schools initiative, the library is now 203 books richer!! The shelves are teeming with information about far-off lands, domestic and exotic animals, awesome inventions, fascinating science and history. Also, tales of adventure, fantasy, horror, suspense and humour. Below is a taste of the stupendous books that are now part of San Anton's library!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Three Promises

Once there were three beautiful sisters: the youngest, Koseyapea, was the most beautiful and generous creature under the sun. Her elder sisters were jealous of her.

Their jealousy made them unkind and unfair and they never kept their promises .

One day Eleanor, their mother, said that she would give her most treasured jewels to the daughter she was proudest of. The first sister, Gold Eyes, went out to the woods to ask Spring for help.

When she reached the deepest part of the forest she cried:

Spring, Spring, come help me

And a good friend to you I shall be

If you grant me this wish

Three promises will be yours “

Spring came to see what this young maiden wanted and promised to grant her wish. Gold Eyes wished for a huge piece of land, in which she would organise grand balls and parties .

After Spring gave her the land, she told her:

Promise me you shall share with me some food from the land ,

Promise to say I gave you the land if anyone asks were you got it from

And lastly, be grateful that I did so”

Gold Eyes gave her word and went home. The same thing happened with Silver Eyes, the second sister who wished for a jewelery shop. It also happened to Koseyapea, who wished for a farm.

It didn’t take long for the two elder sisters to break their promises. Koseyapea remained faithful to Spring .

Spring made Koseyapea a goddess, and her sisters regretted that they hadn’t kept their promises.

Christina Camilleri

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Baby Monkey

Once upon a time there was a baby monkey. His name was Cheeky. His mum and dad were called Cheechy and Cheeko.

One day two men came to the forest where Cheeky, Cheechy and Cheeko lived. And those two men worked at the zoo. They wanted three monkeys. So they went hunting till they found the three-monkey family. They caught them with a net and then they put them in a box. They put the box in the truck. The monkeys were afraid but luckily Cheeky had very long nails so he could use them to escape through the hole.

When they got out Cheeko and Cheechy gave a slap on the men's faces with their tails. The two men became unconscious so the truck was out of control. So Cheeky decided to drive the truck himself. He quickly jumped into the driver's seat, took hold of the steering wheel and began driving. After a while he stopped the truck leaving the men unconscious locked in a box.
The monkeys got out through the windows and started swinging happily from one tree to another. They were free again.

Three months later Cheeky went to school and made lots of friends. He told them all about what happened. The other monkeys all stared at Cheeky because they had never heard anything like that. When school was over, he didn't want to leave because he had so much fun. But when Cheechy and Cheeko told him that they had bought lots of bananas he wanted to leave. When they got home and Cheeky saw the mouth-watering bananas he wanted one immediately. He took one and started peeling it.

When he finished eating it, he told his mum and dad that he made lots of new friends at school. Cheeko and Cheechy were so proud of Cheeky that they gave him another banana. Then he told them that he made lots of paintings at school. So they gave him another banana. He told them that his best friends were Bingo, Bango and Jango.

Next day when he was at school, he heard a noise coming from outside. He looked out of the window and saw two men in a truck. Cheeky recognised them. They were the two men who had captured him and his parents. So he told his friends to go and help scare the two men away. So they jumped on the truck and frightened the men. The men went away and were never seen again. So he went home and told his parents and they lived happily ever after.

by Ylenia Coleiro

Monday, January 10, 2011

MERLIN LIBRARY have kindly donated a SIGNED (!) copy of Darren Shan's latest book called The Thin Executioner:

Jebel Rum is a thin, scrawny boy. His father is the famed executioner in the city where they live. When Jebel is humiliated in public, he sets off on a quest to gain great strength and invincibility. If successful, he will be able to compete in a gruelling contest to prove himself and replace his father as the wielder of the axe. Failure, on the other hands, means certain death.

To win the favour of a fire god, Jebel must make a human sacrifice. He finds a slave who is willing to pay this grisly price, and the pair set off on a trek through lands deadly and unwelcoming. In the course of their travels they will encounter hatred, bigotry, slavery, death and a whole lot more. It is the nightmarish adventure of a lifetime…

Thanks! :)