Saturday, January 21, 2006

I Have A Dream

I have a dream that one day this world will end the disgrace of terrorism. What is it that we see? Innocent people dying, casualties all around us, what is it that we see?

There has to be an end to this and it will one day become true. I have a dream that the religions will one day bring a world of peace, filled with love for one another. I have a dream, that won’t be a dream anymore, it will be reality.

Trains blasting in suicides, places ruined, fortifications bombarded with writing. What is it that we see? Just think about this, why would we want it to happen?

The 11th of September, a total disgrace… If only people would be people, if only they’d all agree to live a life. A life with no suffering! Attacks in Spain and London, not to mention others.

I do have a dream, a dream today. Let terrorism stop! Let it stop this instant! Let us all agree on at least one thing. The truth is we’ll all live in a better world. In a fresh forest, not a dry desert.

We’re all the same people; if we’re blacks and whites, or Jews and Gentiles, or Protestants and Catholics. We’re all the same. We’re equal. We are a living Earth. So let us live a life with no terrorism.

I have a dream. Let it be granted by us, the unification of people. Let it be done by time, and we will thank our Father at the end and say with no arguments: Terrorism stopped! Terrorism ended!

Claudia Sammut