Friday, January 26, 2007

What I will do for a friend

I will take the pain
I will take the blood
I will take your heart
And mend it all up.

I will take your tears
I will take your mind,
I will make you happy
And hope you smile

I don’t care what happens to me
I do care what happens to you
No matter what
I’m always here for you

I will go through pain
I will go through tears
All I want is for you to smile
And see that glimmer of happiness in your eye!


Locked up inside

So many feelings locked inside
So many feelings which I hide
I can’t let them out
I can’t let them be

Beating myself up
I cry
Kicks and punches
Are tormenting me inside

So many pains
Which I can’t let go
So many pains
Which will hurt me even more

All this anger
All this depression
Locked inside of me
Waiting for my confession

No where to go
No where to let out
My death will be my feelings
Just waiting to come out…



They stab you in your back

They take your mind and soul

They want all the gossip

That’s what there for

They want you to trust them

You say you’re not sure

But at the end of the day

You trust them even more

You tell them your life

You tell them your soul

You give away your heart

And they know it all

They throw your life

They throw your soul

They rip your heart

And leave you there all alone

You are lost in your own words

Crying what’s left of their trust

Until there is nothing left

You are just all washed up…


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Book Review

Anne Frank’s Diary

This book is about a girl named Anne Frank who one day during the War decided to go to a place and start writing her diary. Anne Frank was born in Frankfurt in 1929 and died in Bergen-Belsen in 1945. When she was only sixteen years old she went to a Concentration Camp where Anne Frank died. After a few years her father published her diary and now it is famous.

I like this book a lot as it is interesting. I won’t say anything to the people who told me to read the book as it is fabulous and beautiful.