Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Standing alone with a cold light breeze

Brushing against the coat of silk smooth fur

Smells the air waiting for some prey,

Walking… through the forest all night and day,

Still searching for some prey,

Finally he finds something to eat

Will he change his luck today?

As he closes in the lowers his body

Barely visible to the human eye

Yet he is spotted and it runs away.

He is lying on the icy cold ground…

Dying today under the sunset sky.



A deep grumble runs over the still pond

A lazy eye runs over the cool green water

There’s a hum over the cool green water

A lone mosquito flies

Alone in the dark

Flying close to the water

The cool green water

The hum gets closer the patient hunter waits

In the water, the cool green water,

The hum is getting closer

A flash of his tongue and its gone

All over the water,

The cool green water

A deep rumble runs over the pond.


Friday, March 17, 2006


The Grade 11s are at the moment busy performing a play entitled HILITNA : GRAJJA U IDENTITA` at St. James Cavalier. The play is loosely based on the Maltese literature anthology called QAWSALLA.

The story, written and directed by Ms Aveline, tells of four friends who travel back in time to witness first hand some of the key moments in Maltese history. Amongst these are the Neolithic Era, the period when the island was under the Knights of St. John, and the Second World War. Through these travels the four friends manage to restore in themselves a lost sense of national pride.

Everyone involved in the production did a tremendous job. The play looks and feels right throughout. It really shows that the cast and the crew gave in their utmost towards the realisation of this production.