Friday, November 16, 2007

The Mysterious Dog

There is a dark alley close to our house. It is haunted by our dog.

Last year Emerald died. Emerald was our pet dog. We called him Emerald because of his emerald-like eyes. When he died we buried him in the garden and put a tombstone reading R.I.P. Emerald did not rest in peace - he came back in peace!!!

This time his dark black fur had disappeared but it had turned bright emerald green!!! I was shocked. My eyeballs felt like popping right out of their sockets with amazement!! But even though he was a ghost I still played fetch with him.

My neighbours were left with their mouths open. I do not blame them. Have you ever seen a boy with a ghost dog?

After two weeks he disappeared. We could not find him anywhere. Then I thought of the alley we used to walk through when he was alive. When I went there he jumped on me and licked my face.

I started visiting Emerald every day. You must know the saying 'A dog is a man's best friend'!!!


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