Thursday, November 15, 2007

My Tear Drop

My tear drop
Is going down my face
Down my cheeks
And past my lips

My tear drop
Is going down memory lane
When I first heard your name
When we first fell in love

My tear drop
Is on the tip of my chin
About to tumble
About to die

My tear drop is fallin
I'm calling your name
I'm losing everything about you
Even your smiling face

My tear drop has died
It crashed to the ground
Scattered into a million crystals
As I frown

I guess it will never be
Just you and me
You are lost
My tear drop is gone



Anonymous said...

a book shud be written!
i wud buy it 4 sure!!
keep it up Tammy =]
u have talent!

Anonymous said...

rly cool poem!!
add more plz!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

amazing!!! WOW ILOVE UR POEMSSS!!!

Anonymous said...

how did u write that?!?

Ur poems have a lot of feelin in them!!


Anonymous said...

o m g! thats great!