Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I love doing tricks and combos on my custom-made BMX. I spend a lot of time practicing the barspin, and I wish I could do the tailwhip or a 360. I like Mike Spinner a lot because he is awesome on a bike and he manages to do incredible stunts.

My favourite trick is the frontflip tailwhip which was only landed twice last August, by the second best biker Scotty Cranmer. He is considered to be a machine because he can do practically anything and he is merely 21 years old. He is definitely my favourite rider cause he amazes me so much at what he does.

The worst fall I've seen was a crash on a double backflip on the trails. The biker who crashed was Stephen Murray, a sensational dirt rider who is truly a guy to watch.

The best trick I've learnt until now was a 180 fakie. The worst fall I've ever had was trying out a new gap. The trick I want to learn at the moment is a 360.


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