Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Secret Room

One day Jack went to his Grandma who lived in a cottage in a forest. It was sweltering hot because the sun was high up in the sky. Jack was very keen on chess and always carried a chessboard with him. He especially liked to play with his Grandma.

After walking for what seemed to be 3 hours, he finally arrived to his Grandma's house. She was not at home and he jumped at the opportunity to go to the secret room.

Grandma had this secret room and told Jack never ever to go in there. Jack was curious and crept slowly to the door of the secret room. He opened the door. The door creaked. He saw a huge bookshelf and an armchair which was stained.

Jack walked slowly down the broken steps and sat down on the stained armchair. After a small while he got up and looked around him. He saw a black cat but when he tried to pick it up, it jumped and ran away.

Jack walked to the big bookshelf and chose a book. The book was called Zack The Genius. Jack started reading the book.

Then Jack's Grandma returned home from the shop. Jack quickly put the book back on the shelf and sprinted upstairs. He opened his book and started doing his homework. And Grandma never found out that he had gone inside the secret room.


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