Thursday, March 15, 2007

Space Marines

Space Marines are super human empires that are trying to fight for the sake of the earth. There are many armies they must fight in order to do so but with the help of others they will come out victorious. Some of the dark armys are: Ork, Dark Eldar, Tyranids and Chaos Space Marines. All of these armies have one goal: to rule the world and enslave humanity. So the Space Marines have to make sure this does not happen. Some of the Space Marines' strongest machines are the Land Raider and the Land Raider Crusader. Another strong vehicle is the Dreadnought which can be used for far and close range attacks. All this will help the Space Marines to achieve victory. The Space Marines can be very weak if they do not use their special units like the Librarian or the Commander or even the Chaplain. These are all really strong units especially the Librarian who has psychic powers. The army that is always trying to cleanse the earth from Space Marines is Da Boyz. These are orks. They are somewhat weak but at the same time can be really dangerous. Da Boyz will find any piece of metal and use it as armour. These are no match for the mighty Space Marines. What Space Marines really find hard to defeat are the Chaos Space Marines. These are possessed marines that have fallen to the dark forces of chaos. But as is always the case, good triumphs over evil. Unless you have a very small army.

Written by Pascal and Dylan - Grade 9

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