Saturday, June 14, 2008

Good Deeds Bounce Back

One bright sunny morning in July, a man named Alan McGregor was walking on the beach. The sun shone in his face as he walked across the golden beach. As he was staring out at a calm, blue sea he spotted two bobs of gold paddling their way across the waves. As they came closer, Alan saw that they were two dogs. He jumped into the sea and rescued them. When he brought them back, he saw that they had name tags. He returned them to their owners and to say thank you, the owners gave Alan one of their puppies. He named the puppy Pink.

Alan went everywhere with Pink and they soon became the greatest of friends. Alan felt secure when Pink was with him. In the afternoons, Alan took Pink to the beach with him and used to meditate. Alan felt even more secure beacuse cars could not drive through to the beach. That afternoon, a car drove through the beach without noticing the signs. Since Alan was meditating he could not see or hear the car coming. Only Pink noticed the car coming their way. Pink barked, but Alan was still lost in his meditating.

Pink put herself directly in the way of the car. Just as Alan became aware of what was going on, the man in the car saw Pink and dodged her. This further strenghtened Alan and Pink's friendship. This just proves that since Alan saved the dogs and brought them back to their home, Pink, the daughter of the dogs saved Alan's life. It proves that every good deed that we do bounces back at us.

Matthew - Grade 7.3

RUNNER-UP WORLD BOOK WEEK Short Story Competition

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