Wednesday, April 22, 2009

World Book Week 2009 - Short Story Poster

The theme for this year is A Picture and a Thousand Words.  Nowadays the world is being literally bombarded by larger than-life-images in the form of billboards, commercials, animations, logos, etc.  The book industry is no exception and it has seen an increase in the use of visual aids to get the message (or story) through.  Illustrators like Quentin Blake and Nick Sharrat, have work that is immediately recognised and associated with a particular author.  Many books are being accompanied by DVDs and, for the older ones, links to interactive sites where the story is developed beyond the pages of the book.  This also explains the increased popularity of comics (or graphic novels).


Grades 4 - 7 had a related activity going on.  The librarian read a short story to each grade during a library session.  The stories were the following:

Grade 4 - Henry and Margaret by Francesca Simon
Grade 5 - Something Different by Anne Fine
Grade 6 - The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde
Grade 7 - Don't Ask Jack by Neil Gaiman

Each class was then divided into groups and each group had to come up with a poster.  These posters are now on display in the library.  :)

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Brilliant idea!

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