Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Gypsy

Esmeralda and her puppy were hiding in the bushes, hoping that the angry crowd would go away. They were after the girl because they wanted to put her to death.

Esmeralda was a gypsy and people believed that all gypsies were thieves. But Esmeralda was not a thief and in order to earn pennies she organized shows and dances with Yuri. This angered the people so they decided to kill her, which is why she was hiding. There, in the bushes she stayed, until Mr. Dobblin spotted her.

She took her bundle of clothes and whispered to Yuri: “Someday this will end. The sooner we go, the sooner it will happen.”

They reached a field of wild horses. She looked for her horse, Bluebell.

Luckily she found him, and lifted herself up. Yuri and her bundle of clothes were with her and so they galloped off. Only when they reached France did they stop for a rest.

She knew she was safe here. In France they were celebrating the birthday of Captain Grainger, a famous captain who fought and won a battle against gypsies.

Actors and dancers were invited to perform. Esmeralda, who knew nothing of the captain’s hatred towards gypsies, wanted to join in the celebration and so she danced along with the French. She made a show that included singing, dancing and some tricks she had taught to Yuri.

Claude, one of Grainger’s friends, fell in love with the girl. They became good friends but she loved the captain and not Claude. The captain was in love with her too and soon enough, proposed to Esmeralda.

They were married and lived happily but one day the servant of the captain heard Esmeralda tell her awful tale to herself, while riding on a horse. The servant told the captain about it and the captain forgot all about his love for Esmeralda.

She was taken to prison with all the other gypsies. They were going to cut her head off.

She was puzzled and no longer loved the captain. But she didn’t stay in prison for long as Claude rescued her.

He bought a piece of land where they hid and built a high wall which only he knew how to go through. Then, together with Esmeralda and Yuri, he built a house. Claude took care of the two. Yuri guarded the house from wild animals and he slept on a cushion next to Esmeralda. Esmeralda made crafts that Claude sold at the market for 10 gold pieces.

Esmeralda started loving Claude the way he loved her. But alas, one day Grainger found Esmeralda. He grew suspicious seeing Claude selling all those crafts at the market, and followed him to the house. The captain arrested the three of them and wanted to have them hanged. But before the hanging, Esmeralda asked the people:

“Why should I be hanged. I did not steal, like the other gypsies, and I’ve been a good wife to the captain, but in his hatred, he forgot how to love.”

The people realised how unfair the captain had been to his wife and was punished. As for Claude, he married Esmeralda and the two of them and Yuri lived in their house. The wall was removed.

With all the money they earned from selling crafts, they bought a lot of new furniture.

They continued selling crafts and started making up shows.

Christina Camilleri

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