Friday, May 06, 2011

The Apple Tree

Once upon a time there was an apple tree. A little girl named Rebecca said: "I want an apple." But her mother said no. So then she went to her father. But her father said no too. So she felt very sad.

Then she remembered her cousin's house. But even he said "No, you can't have an apple." Then she remembered her other cousin but she said no too. Then she went to ask her grandma but it was no use because she said no too. So she went to her grandpa and finally (phew!) he said: "yes, you can have an apple from the apple tree."

When she went to pick an apple from the tree, her mother came and she told her she wasn't allowed to eat apples from the tree so Rebecca said that her grandpa had given her permission. Her mother was very angry. Rebecca told her father and even he was cross with her. Then she went to her cousin's house to tell him that she picked an apple from the apple tree. She expected him to be glad but he was furious. So she tried her luck with her other cousin. But she was as furious as her mother. So she tried at her grandma's house. She was VERY cross.

Finally she went back to her grandpa's house. Fingers crossed! When she told him he laughed out loud and said: "You silly girl! It was only a joke! You can't really have one!"

"Ok. Sorry for picking an apple from the apple tree. Goodbye!" she replied.

by Ylenia Coleiro

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