Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sharks in the Library

The Grade 5 students were treated to a fun and informative talk by Greg Nowell, one of the founders of Sharklab, an organisation whose aim is to research and aid in the preservation of sharks.

Sharks are splendid sea creatures that are very often misunderstood. The excessive, and more often than not, misinformed exposure they get in the media, portrays them as killing machines intent on decimating the human species. Unfortunately a lot of people buy into this.

The truth is that human beings are the real predators and sharks suffer as a consequence. Irresponsible fishing and downright cruel practices (such as finning) are decimating the number of sharks in the sea at an alarming rate. The gradual disappearance of sharks also has a negative effect on the marine ecosystem.

Mr Nowell brought with him several specimens to show the Grade 5s. To their delight, samples included sharks' teeth, jaws and eggs.

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