Wednesday, March 05, 2008

New Titles in the Library!

My Brother's Famous Bottom Gets Pinched!
by Jeremy Strong

'Now then, where's my fabulous bottom?' 'It's behind you,' said Dad. 'Where else could it be?'

Nicholas's brother's bottom is so famous it's going on tour. The TV people are taking the family on the road - but somebody has to look after the goat! And when the Bumper Dumper tour bus is kidnapped by giant babies it's up to Nicholas to save the day - can he get there in time?

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Spiderman 3 : The Movie Novel
by Jasmine Jones

Everything's going great for Peter Parker - and Spiderman - until some mysterious black goo oozes into his life. It forms into a new black suit that leads Peter down a dark path of pride and revenge... and into the clutches of fearful villains Sandman and Venom. Will everyone's favourite hero ever be the same?

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The Tide Knot
by Helen Dunmore

I can't go back in the house. I'm restless, pricking all over. The wind hits me like slaps from huge invisible hands. But it's not the wind that worries me. It's something else, beyond the storm...

Sapphire and her brother Conor can't forget their adventures in Ingo, the mysterious world beneath the sea. They long to see their Mer friends once more. But a crisis is brewing far below the ocean's surface, where Saldowr, the wisest of the Mer, guards the Tide Knot. And soon both Sapphire and Conor will be drawn into Ingo's troubled waters...

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Steven Gerrard : My Story
by Steven Gerrard

Have you ever wanted to be a football hero? To play for your favourite team, or even England?

This is Steven Gerrard's story - from kick-arounds woth his friends on the street outside his house to becoming captain of Liverpool and a vitally important player in the England team.

Did you know that when he was nine, just after he'd started training at Liverpool, Gerrard had an accident that nearly ended his career before it had even started?

Find out what it feels like to win the FA Cup, to walk up the tunnel at Wembley with the crowd going crazy and to score for England in Steven Gerrard's exciting autobiography!

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101 Fantastic Things To Do With Your Computer
by Tony & Liz Wheeler

Jam-packed with jokes and other activities, this book helpsyou get the most from your computer. Easy-to-follow instructions mean the book and CD-Rom work together, to help you have all the kinds of digital fun.


The above information was copied from the blurbs of the respective titles.

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