Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Parents' Day Bookstand

The Junior Sector had Parents' Day on Friday the 15th and, as usual, the Librarian put up a bookstand. The latter has by now become a familiar beacon amidst the steady current of mummies and daddies who eagerly rush to confer with their child's teacher. On their way back, most parents cannot resist taking a peek at the numerous titles on display and, hooray hooray, purchasing a book or two.

The Librarian gets the said books from a supplier (a different one for each Parents' Day) who would offer to pay a commission to the school for every book sold. These would then go towards purchasing more resources for the library. Therefore the students get a double treat: a book to read at home and more books to read from school.

Last Friday sales went extremely well. In all, the school made around €180 profit, which is one of the highest ever in the venerable history of Parents' Day bookstands. An enormous thank you goes to Maria Pia and Agnes who helped tremendously throughout!

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