Monday, February 22, 2010

Hetty Feather

Despite her being a very prolific author, Jacqueline Wilson still manages to elicit a sense of excitement whenever one of her books is due to be released. Hetty Feather proved to be no exception.

This time round, Jacqueline Wilson's story takes us to London during the year 1876. Hetty is still a baby when her mother leaves her on the doorstep of an orphanage. However she must first live with a foster family before she is old enough to go to school. Hetty goes to live in the countryside where she spends a large amount of time with her 'brothers' Gem and Gideon. One day a travelling circus passes by and Hetty is mesmerised by the show.

The time comes when Hetty has to go back to the orphanage and she finds it really difficult to adapt to this kind of new life, involving school and terrible lunches. There is one positive side to this - now she can start looking for her real mum.

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