Tuesday, April 20, 2010

World Book Week 2010 - Rita Antoinette Borġ

Local author and story-teller Rita Antoinette Borġ visited the school and had a session with the Grade 4s and 5s. Ms Borġ started off by introducing Pepito, a cheerful and colourful parrot who lives in South America, and who loves to share his knowledge of geography and animals with children.

Next came a story session, during which Ms Borġ read one of her stories, Taqsamx it-Triq Fuxa! The children were engrossed as Ms Borġ narrated the adventures of little Fuxa who discovered that crossing a busy road is far from easy! The students loved the particular format of the flip-over books, where the same story is told in both Maltese and in English.

Ms Borġ also spoke to the students about the importance of reading. Besides it being a great past time, it also helps with getting ideas for stories and learning new words.

Click HERE to visit Ms Borġ's website.

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