Friday, April 16, 2010

World Book Week 2010 - Marianne Tabone

This year's World Book Week kicked off with a visit by Marianne Tabone, a local author whose books chronicling the adventures of Anġlu Piżellu are quite popular among the students. Ms Tabone started her session by talking about herself, what inspires her and how important it is for writers to keep on reading as much as possible. She also mentioned some characters from her childhood who, with a bit of tweak here and there, found themselves sharing the lively angel's adventures.

After her talk, Ms Tabone allowed a few minutes for questions, an opportunity upon which the students pounced. They asked a myriad of questions but the one which seemed to interest them most regarded the ever elusive issue of ideas: where do these come from? Ms Tabone answered that one can find ideas anywhere, you just have to look around. A quirky gesture or a random comment from a stranger can be enough to spark off an idea for a character or a story.

Ms Tabone concluded her session by reading one of her stories to the students.

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