Monday, May 21, 2012

Horrid Henry's Tadpole Surprise

It was a lovely Spring morning and Henry and his classmates were on a school outing at Chadwick Lakes. The teacher was showing the children all the frogs and tadpoles in the streams. They were tired and so they stopped for a picnic.

The teacher gave each child a sandwich and a bottle of water. Henry noticed that Kate was busy talking to her friends and quickly slipped three tadpoles inside her bottle. Then, he sneaked away.

Luckily Kate's friend Anna had seen Henry. So Anna quickly swapped Kate's bottle with Henry's while he was telling his friends what he had done. The girls had a big laugh as they watched Henry gulp down his water. They had an even bigger one when they told Henry what he had just drunk and he turned green!

Serves Horrid Henry right!

Carla Mifsud
Winner of the Horrid Henry Story Competition
World Book Week 2012

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