Friday, April 28, 2017

World Book Week - John Bonello

John Bonello, the award-winning author of titles such as the Il-Logħba tal-Allat trilogy and Irvin Vella: Investigatur Virtwali, popped over to meet the Grade 8 students.

The first book of the Irvin Vella series is used as a class reader and it was a runaway success. The children absolutely love it, and the titular character, with his insatiable appetite for anything that comes out of a kitchen, is very endearing.

Mr Bonello spoke to the students about what inspired him to write the first adventure of Irvin Vella, and also disclosed some 'secrets' about the second book, published last November. He also treated them to an exclusive reading from the as yet unpublished third instalment in the Irvin Vella series.

The Grade 8s had a school assignment to tie with Mr Bonello's visit. They were given the beginning of a mystery story which they had to finish off themselves. Their efforts were put up on a board and some of them were read out in front of Mr Bonello and the rest of the Grade.

*This visit was possible thanks to Merlin Publishers.

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