Wednesday, April 26, 2017

World Book Week - Rita Saliba

Popular author Rita Saliba was the first guest author at this year's World Book Week events at San Anton School.

The award-winning author met with the Grade 7 students who were treated to an exciting creative writing workshop. Under the expert guidance of Ms Saliba, the students sketched a character profile of a portly, brave adventurer (called Noel) and his home - a multi-purpose, eco-friendly house that travelled on mechanical legs that could be fitted with snow boots for colder temperatures.

The students loved every second of this exercise and they got to experience some very important aspects of creative writing - character and world building, and how these influence each other and the structure/direction that the narrative might take.

The students had a wonderful time and wouldn't stop asking questions and commenting on the various aspects of the story-writing process. The session ended with Ms Saliba signing copies of her recently released novel, Żiffa Mqarba f'Ħal Buffura.

*This visit was possible thanks to BDL.

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