Monday, June 06, 2011

The Absent-minded Scientist

I am the best scientist in the world. I make a potion every day. Today's potion will bring dead flowers back to life. You just have to mix it with the water.

There, it's ready. I leave it on the table to settle. I need to go to the bathroom.

When my mother sees it and she puts it in the fridge. I come back from the bathroom. I am thirsty and I go to get a drink. There is some fruit juice, which is unusual, because my mother believes that it is unhealthy. I still drink it. A few minutes later I go for a nap.

When I wake up I go to the mirror to fix my hair and I have the biggest shock ever. I have become an old man! I have white hair, I am short, my face is wrinkly. And I am hairy all over!

I go to the doctor and he starts laughing. He tells me that since I am a scientist I should solve the problem myself.

I rush back home. It clicks that I must have drank the potion, thinking it was juice. I go back to my laboratory and do some more, keeping in mind that this time it has to work the other way round.

I drink it, hoping it will turn me back to my former self.

It does! I am back to being beautiful me. And, as my mum adds, stupid me.

World Book Week 2011
Short Story Competition Runner-up
Lisa Galea


Anonymous said...

Well done:)


Anonymous said...

Very creative, well done Lisa!
I'd love to try this potion to get a glimpse of my future old self and return back to today .... who know, looking younger!!


Roberta said...

Well done pupa...a very creative funny story that keeps you reading till end...

Sandra said...

I need a potion to remain young and beautiful, Lisa, you must help me!!! Well done, prosit