Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The Mystery of the Mummy's Treasure

Joe, Lee, Samantha and Catherine went on a trip to Egypt with their parents. They had been waiting eagerly for this holiday and it was the one they would never forget.

It was Saturday and Lee stepped out of the plane. He was so glad to be in Egypt. Lee loved studying history and his favourite topic was Ancient Egypt.

He was joined by the others and they called a taxi. First they went to the inn where they were staying and then left to go to the Egyptian Museum.

There was a lot of information about mummies. On display there was a note that was written to the Pharaoh Tutankhamun. It said that when he would die he would be gifted with lots of gold.When the children had a look at it and read it they had an idea, an adventurous idea.

The next day the children were supposed to go to visit the Capital City but they asked their parents to go see the pyramids instead. After ten minutes of pleading, their parents said yes so they were off to the pyramids.

When they arrived the children were amazed! They couldn't believe how big the pyramids were! Their parents went around the pyramids slowly, talking to each other. While they were distracted, the four children ran away.

They looked for Tutankhamun's pyramid and when they found it they entered. They looked around the pyramid but saw nothing special. They kept on walking and they fell into several traps but after they finally managed to reach the tomb of the Pharaoh. The four children opened the tomb and out came a mummy.

Trembling with fear, they hid behind the throne. But the mummy didn't come for them, it just kept on walking. After the mummy was out of sight they looked inside the tomb and found the treasure. They carried it back and showed it to their parents who were surprised.

Then they went back to the inn for a nap.

This was the best adventure they had ever had! They will never forget this day!

World Book Week 2011
Short Story Competition Runner-up
Adrienne Gatt

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