Friday, June 10, 2011

Poem about Dogs

I like dogs tall and small - they all like to play with a ball.

Doberman, Labrador, Pitbull or Pug, I like to give them all a hug.

Boxer, Daschound, Terrier, Alsation; but the one I love most is my Dalmatian, my Pepper, overall.

He's white with black spots like paper full of black ink dots, but with a special one right on top of his nose and tiny ones all over his paws.

He's now very frail as he's fourteen years old but if cats steal his food he's still pretty bold.

The dog is man's best friend I'm sure about that and I'll never exchange my dog with a cat.

World Book Week 2011
Poetry Competition FIRST PLACE
Adriel Camilleri

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