Monday, June 18, 2012

Am I the Mirror

Once there was a girl called Elena. She loved animals. After school, she played for some time and then went to sleep.

Elena had a good night's sleep and woke up with a smile on her face. She washed her face and looked in the mirror. A sudden thought struck her. What if she was in the mirror? What if she was the mirror? What if she was the other Elena in another dimension?

She went to school. She kept thinking about her idea all day long but didn't tell anyone about it. As soon as she arrived home she ran to the mirror. She thought about making a portal to the mirror world.

Elena switched on the computer and looked up information about portal machines. Suddenly her mother came into the room and asked her whether she had finished her homework. Elena lied: she said she was nearly done. Her mother left and the girl went back to looking up information. She spent all night on the computer.

The following morning Elena was extremely tired. All of a sudden it dawned on her that she hadn't done her homework! She quickly put on her uniform, ran to the van and scribbled something quickly on the way to school. She managed just in time!

It was a long hard day at school but once she got home, Elena forgot all about her tiredness and sprinted to the mirror. She cleaned it. It was sparkling clean. She turned the mirror over and saw a key hole. Remembering she had a key like that, she ran out of the room to fetch it. Amazingly, the old key fit perfectly. She touched the mirror with a finger, and pushed. Her hand went straight through. She found herself in the other world, with the other Elena! It was incredible!

Now, never a day goes by that the two girls don't meet. Elena and her mirror-image meet every single day and share stories about their different worlds.

Elena Bajada
Winner of the Short Story Competition
World Book Week 2012

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