Monday, June 18, 2012

A Weekend in the Wild

Last weekend we went to a place called 'Lake Monty'. I didn't want to go but my father, who is a Scout Leader, wanted me to share this adventure with him. Then, seeing how my father and I were going, the rest of the family joined in.

Our cabin wasn't very big but it was perfect for just two days. As soon as we arrived to 'Lake Monty', I went to have a look around. There were about fifty children my age. My father gathered everyone and took us for a hike. My mother wasn't very pleased because he left her to do all the unpacking herself!

I was enjoying the hike but then I got lost. I didn't panic because although 'Lake Monty' was full of trees and mountains, it wasn't very big. Still, I walked for about an hour but I couldn't find my father or any of the other scouts.

Suddenly I heard a noise. I stopped behind a tree and peered. I never dreamt I would ever see something like that. There was a queue of skunks, squirrels, badgers and other small animals, holding food in their paws. They were giving it to their leader. It was a skinny dog and he didn't look strong but the animals were scared of him.

The dog smelled something and I knew it was me. He ran towards me, jumped and got me!

I was scared and shouted "NO!"

To my surprise, the dog replied "Okay."

We had a conversation and he told me that they collected food for a fierce bear who thought that he was a King. I asked where the bear lived. The dog told me that he lived on top of a mountain, in a cave. He also said that when everyone was asleep, the bear went for a swim in the lake. As we were talking, I was already making up a plan in my head. I was lucky that my father brought with him a big net to catch fish.

I followed a bright star that took me to the camp. At night we made a bonfire and told scary stories to each other. The next morning I woke up at 05:00am and started working on my plan. I placed the net at the bottom of the lake, then I waited patiently. I was camouflaged in the grass.

I was just in time: the bear was walking towards the lake. The water was as cold as ice. The bear fell right in my trap and so I plucked some courage and jumped in the lake. I got hold of the net and pulled it to shore, with the bear in it. I was shivering like a skeleton. I sprinted to my cabin and called my father. I told him what the dog had said to me and my father believed me immediately. He called the police and they took the bear to the zoo. The dog thanked me.

I felt sad when we had to leave.However I was glad that I had gone camping with my family. It was much better than staying home playing on the Playstation. I love being a scout. It's such an honour!

Alec Sladden
Winner of the Short Story Competition
World Book Week 2012

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