Monday, June 11, 2012

Seasonal Flowers

A flower blue and white,
Only grown for your delight,
To see the rays of the sun shining bright.

Direct your gaze,
Take a look at the garden like a maze,
Amazing to see all those beautiful things,
During Winter, Summer, Autumn and Spring.

A pansy, sunflower and a blossom that is blue,
You have to water your plants, that is a duty you have to do;
Some flowers grow in December,
while others grow on my birthday, which is in September.

I like writing poems about flowers,
They seem to have magical powers;
In lunch time I look out of the window,
To see the flowers in the pot;
When I arrive home,
I find a soft toy in the form of a flower in my sister's cot.

Michaela Aquilina
Winner of the Poetry Competition
World Book Week 2012

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