Monday, June 11, 2012

A True Friend

There are many things
True friends do for each other,
Like being happy to listen to your worries,
One after another.

Friendship is communication,
The process is two-way,
You must speak and you must listen,
To whatever your friends might say.

A friend is not self-centered,
She thinks of others before herself,
Sticks up for them when wrongly accused,
Empathises with her friends.

Friendship is forgiving,
As in not reminding them of their mistakes;
Seeing the good in one another,
That's what friendship takes.
Helping a friend,
When it would be easier not to,
Supporting them when they have a problem,
Or if there's a difficult time they're going through.

Friendship is patience,
Respect is part of it too,
So be a good friend,
And friendship will come back to you!

Lara Mohnani
Winner of the Poetry Competition
World Book Week 2012

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